Beard Maintenance throughout History

Hair that develops on or around a man’s face is known as his beard.  If the develops hair on his upper lip it is known as a mustache.  Currently worldwide beards and mustaches have become not only stylish but are seeing dramatically increasing numbers of men wishing to grow beards or mustaches for the first time.  In the last hundred years the clean shaven look has been considered not only the norm within U.S. Society but in most industrialized nations.  With a recurrence of your growing in many of these nations how to maintain a beard and moustache have become a lost art.  If I look throughout history beards have predominantly ruled men’s style and fashion.


Many of the greatest leaders in the world are known not only to possess beards but it often times have their own unique twist and variations of facial hair.  In the United States of America Abraham Lincoln was stands for inside jobs and the most well-known southern military general from the Civil War Robert E lee was famous for his creative and unique beard styles, also during the Civil War stonewall Jackson was held in quite reverend’s for his unique and creative beard and moustache styles.  It was once said that stonewall Jackson was just his famous and just as beloved by other generals for his beard as well as his tactics.  Among the northern commanders General A. Burnside was famous for his bill reverent site tiger or what is now known as mutton chops.

As you travel throughout the world you find that France became famous for a pointed beard around the face and became known as the Vandyke.  This style was attributed to Anthony Vandyke was a famous feature around the Holland area.  The Vandyke’s popularity was a specially loved in the African American community and within the whole of France.  One famous individual Napoleon the third with 1. Was the emperor of France had his own unique style with a pointed tuft of hair with a stiff and shined mustache they came to sharp points.  This unique style is known as the imperial look and was extremely well-liked a very popular among most European men at the time.  As we continue to travel around the world there are even famous beards prevalent in the bible.  There’s a tale of David the king of Jerusalem conversing with the king of the Ammonites talking about shaving off their Kings beard as a former disgrace.  In another story David shaved the Ammonites Kings messengers as a form of insult.  This later led to war with the Ammonites.

It seems throughout human evolution the same styles although slightly different tend to repeat themselves.  With beard styles becoming ever more prevalent there is a thought that beards are due for another few 1000 years of style.  Due to this newfound love for beards a recurrence of the need for beard maintenance has become paramount.  In a modern world understanding how to shape one’s face how to maintain that shaped and style and even how to condition and take care of all mustache and beard almost seem like new knowledge.  However the simple truths have existed for thousands of years.  It is important to remember and to pay attention to all beard grooming tips and maintain a positive beard maintenance techniques if you wish to see desirable results.


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