Learning of a music instrument

This article focuses on the learning of a music instrument as an adult and the differences between learning at child age and later in life.

One of the classic fears: When children need several years to learn the piano, how can I as an adult still learn to play the piano? It is true that it becomes harder with increasing age to acquire new skills and knowledge. BUT: Often children need such a long time to learn it, because they are not motivated by intrinsic motives. They learn the piano because someone else wants them to and not because learning the piano is one of their hobbies or goals they want to achieve. Humans normally are always good in things that they so or want willingly. If they have an intrinsic motivation, if they really want to learn a certain skill, humans normally do learn these things in the end. As mentioned above children are driven mostly by their parents to learn an instrument. They see it, like school, as an obligation rather than a hobby.


But adults are in a different situation: they want to learn to play the piano!

Nowadays there are different ways to learn music instrument. One way we introduce here is an online piano course by Kathrin Kayser. Here are more details to the online course, einfach vorbeischauen

In the last years, several thousand adult men and women in her class have learned successfully to play the piano. Therefore, I do not only think that it is possible to learn an instrument at adult age, I know it.

The piano workshop does not build on the usual note learning and repetition until perfection on a song is reached, but rather it gives explanations and the ability to play free chords without notes. After a few hours of the course, first chords are easy for the students to play and sound really professional.

Many people would love to learn the piano, but because they fear to have insufficient knowledge of the notes they do not even try.

This fear is completely unnecessary, because in this workshop you learn to play the piano without even know a note on the sheet. There is a method that makes this possible: learning the piano with chords instead of learning with notes. Here, the world of music really opens up for everyone. You learn to access different chords – on the basis of chord diagrams for example.

The teachers piano dream is nothing unreal. She wants people that do not know the note system show how they can learn an instrument by understanding and feeling the music and the instrument. It is more an emotional rather than a technical approach. But all her happy clients prove that this can be a way for people to learn the piano. Especially at an age where the typical way of learning new things might be harder.

Take a look at our page to learn about the course.


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